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About Us

In today’s interconnected world, the only constant is change. Change in who your traditional competitors used to be, and who your digital challengers are now. Change in what your customers expect from brand experiences. And change in how you run your business—moving from legacy to digital systems while effectively and efficiently managing risk and costs. Some may see this change as an obstacle. We see it as an opportunity.

You need to offer innovative products and services and deliver a seamless customer experience, all while running efficient business operations and dealing with evolving delivery models and new competition at every turn. At CSG, we’re problem solvers and innovators, tackling the ever-growing complexity of business in the digital age. We’re here to untangle the complexity and help your business thrive no matter the challenge.

For more than 35 years, CSG has been a trusted partner to some of the most well-known brands, providing solutions and services that help companies around the world monetize and digitally enable the customer experience. Operating across more than 120 countries worldwide, CSG manages billions of critical customer interactions annually. And we do it with a singular focus – an obsession – on our customers’ success.

CSG is a leading provider of revenue management and digital monetization, payments and customer engagement solutions that help our customers:

  • Improve customer engagement and reduce churn
  • Reduce operating expenses and run their businesses more efficiently
  • Quickly launch new digital services and enter new markets
  • Compete and win in an ever-changing global marketplace

Our award-winning solutions are built on proven public and private cloud platforms, available out-of-the-box, custom or through end-to-end managed services. We’ll help you find the deployment model that works best for your business and support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how we can tackle your biggest business challenges together. Because Together, You Win.